Oasis Children’s Ministry

Oasis’s children’s ministry’s goals are to introduce kids to Jesus, teaching them how to have a GROWING relationship with Him, and find and follow the plan He has for their lives.

Camp Oasis has all the best things from summer camp! Kids are welcome to come early to hang out in our indoor playground, shop in our pretend store, make up a story to perform on our children’s theatre stage, or draw on our chalkboard walls. Then, from 10:30 – 11:30 during our adult worship service, we host a worship experience tailored specifically for kids aged six weeks – fourth grade. (Fifth graders and older youth participate in youth ministries.)

We provide infant nursery for children six weeks – confident walkers; toddler nursery for walkers – two years; preschool class for three years (and potty trained) – completed kindegarten; and elementary class for first – fourth grade.

Our dedicated and trained volunteers use music and hands-on activities to bring the Bible to life each week. Our curriculum is from Kidmo (www.kidmo.com) and features Little K for preschoolers and Johnny Rogers in the elementary class. The toddler nursery uses Play & Worship for Toddlers and Twos from Group Publishing (www.group.com).

We encourage families to have faith conversations together at home through weekly take-home pages and we also recommend family Bible studies.

Oasis Childrens Ministry provides several events throughout the year focused on helping adults and children reach out to the community. Last year, some of those events included neighborhood Easter egg hunts, Trunk or Treat, a children’s Christmas musical, a baby dedication, and vacation bible school.

For more information about the Oasis Children’s Department, send us an email and we’ll personally answer any questions you have.



On arriving at our Children’s Ministry welcome area, we’ll help you electronically sign in your child. The information you provide will ensure your child’s safety and happiness while in our care.

You’ll receive a security tag that will identify you as your child’s parent. First-time Camp Oasis visitors will also receive a pager that we’ll use to reach you if needed during the worship service. On subsequent visits, we can send a text message to your cell phone if your child needs you. (Always make sure to keep these security devices in the hands of a responsible adult.)

Tour guides are available to show you around the children’s area and familiarize you with where your child will spend time during worship service.

Classrooms open at 10:15 am. To ensure the safety of all children and as a courtesy to parents, please don’t enter the classroom with your child while other children are present.


Immediately following adult worship service, parents should come to their child’s classroom to check him or her out. You will be required to show your security tag to the teacher on duty. Our staff is instructed to release children only to the person with the security tag that matches their child. If you were given a pager, you may turn it in at this time. If you lose your security tag, a member of the senior staff must approve your child’s release.

For more information about the Oasis Children’s Ministry Department, send us an email and we’ll repsond to you personally.


Staff and team members will be identified with name tags. All volunteers and paid staff serving with children are background-checked. Adults are not left alone with one child, and those taking children to the bathroom take more than one child at a time and leave the bathroom door open if a child needs assistance.

Nursery staff sanitize toys weekly and take extra care sanitizing between diaper changes.

Health policy:

  1. No child who has had fever, diarrhea, or vomiting within 24 hours should be brought to the Children’s Ministry area.
  2. No child with an excessive cough, sneeze, runny nose, or any contagious virus or infection should be brought to the Children’s Ministry area.
  3. Parents must administer medication to their own children.