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We believe that God’s Word has the ability to change the way we live everyday.
Using this SOAP Study plan you can come to better understand and apply God’s Word to your life.
Scripture: Read the scripture, then write out the verses that stand out.
Observation: What is this passage saying? Who is writing it? Who were the original readers? What is happening during the time of this writing? (Using a commentary or study bible can assist on this)
Application: Personalize what you have read by asking yourself how it applies to your life. Is it an instruction? An encouragement? A promise? A call to take corrective action? Write how this scripture applies to you today and what is your next step.
Prayer: Your prayer can be as simple as asking God to help you use this scripture, praising him for something he’s done, or confessing a sin. Write it out, just like you are talking, texting, or writing a letter. Then Live it out!

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